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Feeling at home

Well today has been busy!

Me and blogger 2 went to London on our own! For the first time!
Now bearing in mind we both get a bit anxious in crowded public places, i have to admit i was a bit panicky.
However…We did it!
We did the first tube journey (our only tube journey) quickly and i hope it looked like we knew what we were doing!:) It was quiet so that made it easier:/ The whole point of this po


st is to think about where you most feel at home?
Is it at your house? The park? A shop? Anywhere you feel the most comfortable.
After today, ive realised being in London feels natural to me. Its as though its my home.
I feel anxious walking down the highstreet in my town yet i walked pretty much the whole of zone 1 without feeling the slightest bit scared!!!!
I hope all you have that one place you feel comfortable and at home in:)
Any questions/comments are welcome and id be glad to talk:)

Off i go (got college tomorrow🙈)
Blogger 1


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New Year

So i thought it was about time one of us posted 🙊

So Hello!!! Im back for New Years Eve:)) Now as a 17 year old teenage girl surely i should love new year?
Im not the biggest fan of it because for starters, new years resolutions are rubbish. Why does it have to be a new year to make a change, why cant you change at Christmas or Easter?
I get that its good to start afresh but why does it just have to be New Year?
Secondly i have no social life so im usually at home and in bed by 10pm :/ (except this year im at work).
Anyway im sure if i had a social life, no actually reason to change and lived in New York i’d love New Year!;)

Whats New Year like for you? Fun or the same old?

Blogger 1

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A little bit never hurt anyone

It seems ages since one of us posted so I thought it was about time but it has been manic!! The past couple of weeks I’ve worked, been away (Alton Towers..eeekk) and been studying. And trying to maintain a little bit of a social life has been hard:/ So it’s been a little bit stressful. Stress, the subject of today’s post. Me and blogger 2 were talking about this the other day, we decided that a little bit of stress is Good for you as it shows you care about something ( an example is an exam, if you didn’t stress a tiny bit then you probably aren’t majorly bothered about it.) However too much stress will make you Ill and will actually make you less motivated/concentrated resulting in you feeling bad. I stress probably a little too much which tbh makes me feel bad so I think it’s time for anyone to take a minute, chill out and have fun, read a book, listen to music (my way to chill is to listen to steps, sorry not sorry;))
For now, I wish you all luck and have a great holiday!
Blogger 1

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Myself and blogger 1 have been pondering recently, how on earth do people get into relationships?!

Like seriously, when you think about it, I mean really think, do you honestly know how two people get together?

Traditionally, the guy initiates the relationship by asking the girl out but what about before that? How do you even become that close to a guy?

I do have one guy that I’m ridiculously close to, I’ve known him for nearly 5 years now and he’s one of my closest friends. He has a girlfriend so we’re not close in that sense but I’d trust him with my life. But five years of friendship and no hint of a relationship. If it took that long to build that friendship what hope have I got to have a real relationship?!

I’m a really shy person and I don’t really socialise much so my chances of meeting a guy are very slim. But there has to be a secret method or humanity wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Damn, we will get to the bottom of this issue, I don’t know when but we will. For the sake of anti-social awkward teens like us. 😉

-Blogger 2 🙂

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Life. It’s weird, it’s fun, exciting and sometimes can be blatantly rubbish. But still, we always crave more of it. More time to do work, homework, spend time with friends. All great things but sometimes I wonder how it came about? The little things that mean the most, why do they? (Mean the most that is). Why are we all different? Why do some of us prefer an active life over a sedentary one or visa versa? Why do some people like peanut butter and others dont? However, if or you sit here thinking why? We’ll never get anywhere, will we? (Rhetorical question;) ).
Anyway, a little thought for you all to ponder: why do we always think why?

Blogger 1 (and Yes I’ve still not got round to thinking of a more intellectual name)

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College girls

Hey there! Hows life treating you? If its good then go you! You are awesome, If its bad then just remember you are an amazingly awesome person! And as cliché as it sounds things will get better I promise!  You can never have a rainbow, without a little rain. 🙂

So I’ve been back at college for about three weeks now and woah! It is so much hard work. I get homework like everyday 😦 and the work is quite difficult, but I am actually loving it. 🙂 I get to study subjects that I love (biology, chemistry, physics and English…yes I have been told before. I am crazy) I really like my teachers (well apart from chemistry, but she’s still okay I guess) I absolutely love my English and biology teachers they are quite possibly the most hilarious and interesting people I’ve every met. (yes again, I do not get out much 😉

It going to be the hardest two years of my life-so far-but I’m pretty sure it will be worth it. 🙂

I must finish this post now I am afraid but I will talk (well type at you really) to you again in two weeks! 🙂

-Blogger 2. (this will definitely be different next time 🙂 )

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There always seems to be some sort  of work snobbery around these days and I don’t really see the point.
Does it really matter whether your a top notch lawyer or a cleaner? As long as you’re happy, right?
Also it doesn’t matter if you don’t work as long as you can live or someone else is working. Not everyone can work due to illness or caring for someone. And some people just don’t like it so if they don’t need to, why should they?
Now I’m not saying if you play the benefit system carry on, it’s nothing to do with that (no problem with benefits whatsoever)
What’s your view on work etc?
Would love to know:)
Blogger 1 (Yes we still haven’t figured that one out:/)